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December 2015 Best Wishes for a bright and beautiful holiday and prosperous New Year

November 2015 GETTING IT JUST RIGHT: Evaluating your fleet needs
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — BACK TO SCHOOL: MCI LMS Online Training offers anywhere, anytime expertise
STOPPING POWER: Brake parts guarantee helps assure availability

October 2015 FIT FOR THE WHEEL: Keeping drivers healthy
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — COLD SNAP: Preparing for tougher weather
DRIVER TRAINING: MCI LMS goes beyond technician training

September 2015 THAT'S ENTERTAINING: Technology, human touch keep passengers engaged
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — WEIGHT GAIN: Handling Setra's suspension, tag-axle load shift
SAVINGS TIME: Product Lifecycle Management helps operators keep parts prices down

August 2015 FISCAL FITNESS: Assuring your credit-worthiness
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — RISE AND SHINE: Get to know your Setra suspension
QUIET EVOLUTION: MCI 2016 coaches offer further refinements

July 2015 AT A PREMIUM: Managing risk to keep your insurance rates low
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — SAFETY STOP: Understanding your Setra Air Brake system
CALL STARS: MCI Service Parts team brings experience, gains training

July 2015 LIKE THIS: Getting social media right
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — WIRED: Figuring out Setra's mystery switch
STYLE AND SUBSTANCE: Setra coaches make for tough fleets

May 2015 SMOOTH OPERATORS: Careful driving skills please passengers, create value
BENDIX WINGMAN: Another safety feature for MCI coaches

April 2015 FUEL SMARTS: -Drivers of the Month share tips, show commitment
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — GRIME PATROL: Keeping your pedal clean
MORE THAN MARKETING: MCI shares Bosch tests on J4500 fuel economy advantage

March 2015 DRIVEN: What makes top operators tick
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — VALVE SALVE: Understanding the DD-3 brake inversion valve
VISIT, WIN IN SPRING: MCI holds Reliability Rally Open Houses

February 2015 LIFETIME LEARNING: Training technicians, creating value
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — AIR APPARENT: Learning where the air comes and goes in DD-3 brakes
ONLINE ANYTIME: MCI rolls out LMS technician training

January 2015 BIG TIME: Knowing when to grow your fleet
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — STOPPING ON AIR: Understanding DD-3 brake chambers
BIG JOBS: MCI Service Centers take collision, heavy repair national

Nov/December 2014 IT'S SHOWTIME! MCI goes to UMA, ABA with latest coaches
MOVE FOR THE BETTER: MCI Montreal Service Center relocates, expands

October 2014 APTA EXPO: MCI brings latest Commuter Coach to industry's largest trade show
ELEVATING COMMUTER EXPRESS: High-floor MCI coaches offer high-speed comfort, safety

September 2014 BUSY ALL YEAR: Timing, creativity count
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — PURE KNOWLEDGE: Understanding your Fuel Pro® fuel filter
HANDLING EXCELLENCE: MCI rolls out 2015 J4500 with new suspension, braking

August 2014 MCI ONLINE SALE! Inventory Reduction of Pre-Owned Motor Coaches; Most Makes and Models

July 2014 BIG MOVES: Operators talk multi-coach logistics, rewards
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — LOCKDOWN: Understanding the Setra® S 417 baggage bay door lock system
MAKING CONSISTENCY KING: MCI Service Centers introduce Quality at Source
PARTS PICKS! SETRA® BATTERY TRAY UPGRADE: Use U.S. style batteries on your Setra coaches

June 2014 SAFETY FIRST: Creating a great safety program
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — PRE-SET MINDSET: Understanding today's bearings
ERSA MOVES AHEAD: WheelTime brings high-tech case tracking, new resources to roadside repair
PARTS PICKS! COACH GUARD® BRAKES: Designed and Tested to Meet OEM Specs

May 2014 IT'S A WRAP: Operators put graphics in revenue picture
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — GETTING TO "GO": Questions to ask when your coach won't start
RELIABILITY RALLY: Operators race to first venue
PARTS PICKS! COACH GUARD® BRAKES: Designed and Tested to Meet OEM Specs

April 2014 ON CALL: Getting along with competitors for greater good
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — UWE ABCs: Getting to know your Unitized Wheel Ends
DOING ONE'S PART: New warranty return policy helps MCI improve reliability

Feb/March 2014 SURVIVE OR STRIVE: Diversify your client base to cruise through tough times
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — STUD TIME: How your axle and wheel meet their match
RAMPING UP: Re-energized program earmarks more coaches for reconditioning
PARTS PICKS! COACH GUARD® BRAKE PADS For Prevost brand coaches

January 2014 IT'S SHOWTIME! MCI takes J4500, new two-door Setra to UMA EXPO
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — ENTRY LEVEL: The singularly simple Setra second door
STAIR QUALITY: Setra model gains second entry, club corner options
PARTS PICKS! COACH GUARD® EXTERIOR LED LIGHTING: Easily replace existing lighting

December 2013 FORECAST 2014: Operators foresee improving economy, regulation impacts, more last-minute booking
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — CAN DO: Diagnosing the MUX 'Telephone Line'
RELIABILITY IN LEARNING: MCI and Setra training for 2014
PARTS PICKS! MCI® BELT TENSIONER CLAMP: Change belts more quickly and efficiently

November 2013 ON THE ROAD: Planning tours takes imagination, determination
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — LET IT BLEED: Removing trapped air in Setra cooling systems
POWER MOVE: 2013 engines offer easy advantages
PARTS PICKS! TIRE CHAIN TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM: Deploy and rotate tire chains with the touch of a button

October 2013 MILLENNIAL MARCH: Getting young people on the bus
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — TAKING NOTICE: Keeping current on Service Bulletins
BUILDING STRENGTH: New MCI Chicagoland facility combines showroom, service center, headquarters
PARTS PICKS! 110V OUTLET INSTALLATION: Upgrade your coach for greater passenger convenience

September 2013 DETAILS, DETAILS: Diving into history for MCI and Setra trivia
NEW HEIGHTS: Setra S 417 Top Class, pinnacle of luxury

August 2013 MCI: Making history, making friends
START YOUR (2013) ENGINES: 2014 J4500s on the way
PARTS PICKS! COACH GUARD® BRAKE PADS: Quality Engineered; Designed and Tested to Meet OEM Specs

June/July 2013 GENDER STUDIES: Women work for more roles in bus industry
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — OUTER APPEARANCES: Cleaning the exterior of your coach
RELIABLE SERVICE, GUARANTEED: ReliaDrive offers MCI, Setra owners service center experience
PARTS PICKS! COACH GUARD® T1 ALTERNATOR: A Direct Drop-In Replacement For Bosch

May 2013 BASICs UNDERSTANDING: Getting to know your FMCSA rating
BEYOND PM: Product Lifecycle Management improves parts offerings

April 2013 DRIVING AMBITIONS: The challenge of finding, keeping and improving drivers
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — MANUAL DEXTERITY: Following and understanding maintenance manual guidelines
PERFECT MEASURE: Quality at Source aims for Reliability Driven, flaw-free production
PARTS PICKS! STOP COMMON LAVATORY LEAKS: Upgrade to Stainless-Steel Ball Dump Valve

February/March 2013 LAST DETAILS: Finishing touches can leave lasting impression
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — VALUE JUDGMENTS: Adding up the cost-benefits of preventative maintenance
SETRA TOP CLASS: Premium all the way, now brought to you by MCI
PARTS PICKS! Chill out for less! Get hot deals on AC parts!

January 2013 IMAGE MAKERS: Building your bus-business brand
TRAINING ON THE MOVE: MCI training covers Setra, goes on the road
PARTS PICKS! Re-use, recycle, rejoice in savings! Coach Guard® rebuilt parts offer durability, value

November 2012 GIVING ASSISTANCE: Coach operators open up to communities, charities, employees
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — CLEANING UP AFTER SANDY: Caring for storm-damaged coaches
IT'S A NATURAL: MCI CNG coach brings new energy to market
PARTS PICKS! Keep your brakes going strong at a price worth stopping for! with MCI Coach Guard® Brake Rotors

October 2012 GET RECOGNIZED: ABA, UMA green award nominations due
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — KEEPING IT CLEAN: DEF fluid and supply-module maintenance
RE-ENERGIZED, REFRESHED: Pre-owned coach program offers new alternative
PARTS PICKS! Save big! with our Overstock Sale

September 2012 WHO'S DRIVING: Putting maintenance ahead of dispatch keeps coaches on track
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — BUS-SEE TV: Planet Echo TV puts MCI in green spotlight
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — THE NEXT LEVEL: Preventative maintenance vs. predictive maintenance
HOME ADVANTAGE: The reliability that comes with OEM repair
PARTS PICKS! Hot deals on cold-weather essentials: Stock up on Proheat® and Air Dryer parts from MCI

August 2012 AS YOU LIKE IT: MCI launches Facebook T-Mendous
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — WINNING STRATEGIES: Pan Am Games suggest 2015 opportunities
STARTING AN EVOLUTION: MCI® J4500 gets update for 2013
PARTS PICKS! Coach Guard® Filter Kits from MCI: Everything you need to make oil and fuel filter changes easier!

July 2012 BE MCI: Business Excellence and the culture of Continuous Improvement
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Keeping a handle on reliability
EXPERIENCE COUNTS: Veteran MCI employees keep reliability rolling
PARTS PICKS! BIG SAVINGS ARE BACK! Find your best brake part bargins now!

May/June 2012 SOCIAL RIDERS: Are Groupon-type deals for you?
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — FAN FARE: Explaining condenser fan behavior
ADDING UP THE EXTRAS: MCI packs value into every coach purchase
PARTS PICKS! GET A BOOST! O.E. Turbochargers and Injectors from MCI Service Parts

April 2012 INCOME OUTCOMES: Reducing needless expense can really pay off
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — TEAM CANADA: MCI sales and customer support goes the distance
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — GENERATION STATION: Demystifying the Dual Bosch alternator charging system
NEW DIRECTIONS: Revamped sales and support teams take Reliability Driven on the road
PARTS PICKS! HOT PRICES on Cooling Components. Essential AC parts on sale!

March 2012 MAKING IT EASY: Why increasingly sophisticated technology is good for coaches
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — OTE BOUND: MCI brings models to Ontario show
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — KEEPING YOUR BEARINGS: Mastering hub service techniques
COACH CRITICAL: New parts program guarantees availability of crucial coach-down parts
PARTS PICKS! HOT HUB? New Hub Alert™ heat-sensing labels help keep tabs on safety

February 2012 HELLO AND GOODBYE: January law puts most cell calls on hold
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — POWERING UP: Getting to know the new Leece-Neville alternator
ON THE DOT: MCI Service Centers now offer federal inspections
PARTS PICKS! Brushless Motors from MCI Service Parts

January 2012 CALIFORNIA DREAMING: Why you should attend UMA Motorcoach Expo 2012
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. AND THAT'S OKAY: Canada's great winter festivals give travelers a reason to stay close to home
RELIABILITY DRIVEN: MCI introduces new logo, tagline, quality focus
PARTS PICKS! A SALE WORTH STOPPING FOR — Up to 45% off last year's brake part prices!

December 2011 AWAY FROM HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: It's never too early to look ahead
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — HOT WINTER TIPS: Keeping your air dryer — and your coach — moving
LOG IN TO LEARN: MCI Learn webinars bring expertise home
PARTS PICKS! NOW AVAILABLE! Even more styles of Zafety Lug Lock®

November 2011 COVERING BASES: Finding opportunity in tough economy
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — MAJOR VS. MINOR: Canadian tourism picks by province
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — UNDER PRESSURE: Wising up with SmartWave® systems
BECOMING ERSA: Helping MCI provide Emergency Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, every day
PARTS PICKS! CLEARANCE on MCI products at unbeatable prices!

October 2011 CRYSTAL BALL: How to figure out what customers want
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — HOSE ON FIRST: Fluid transfer in today's coaches
UPLIFTING STORIES: How to choose a wheelchair-lift retrofit
PARTS PICKS! LIFT YOUR EXPECTATIONS. MCI makes ADA compliance easy, with OEM confidence!

September 2011 GOING PUBLIC: Why APTA can benefit all operators
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — MULTI-VARIED MULTIMETERS: What they are and what you need to know
ABCs of CNG: Inside MCI's lowest-emissions Commuter Coach yet
PARTS PICKS! SPECIAL SAVINGS on Air Dryers and Air Dryer maintenance items, Pro Heat kits

August 2011 FRONT SEAT: Cultivating professionalism behind the wheel
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — FLUID SITUATIONS: Knowing your Allison Transmission fluid and change intervals
HARMONY UNDER THE HOOD: MCI Technical Tune Ups have learning down cold
PARTS PICKS! CLEARANCE! on MCI products at unbeatable prices!

June/July 2011 GATHERING OF BUSES: Hibbing event to bring vintage bus enthusiasts to Greyhound home
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — AS THE CROW FLIES: Keeping up with a retiring OMCA, MCC president
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — GETTING UP TO SPEED: New speedometers offer more than just MPH
MASS MINGLING: MCI to use social media to further customer connections
PARTS PICKS! SUMMER SAVINGS on Belts, Filters, Wheels and Brakes

May 2011 TURNOVER: How long should you keep your coach?
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — COOL CUSTOMERS: Keeping a cool head during A/C season
ENDURANCE TEST: MCI puts coaches, components through paces
PARTS PICKS! Special prices on Air Springs

April 2011 CALL TO ACTION: Getting involved is just good policy
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — BORDER DISORDER: Canadians ford crossing difficulties
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — DPF ABCs: Safe handling and removal
MCI PARTS UPDATE: Regaining an edge
PARTS PICKS! INTRODUCING... MCI A/C compressor retrofit kit AND Heavy-duty 50DA air-cooled brushless alternator

March 2011 POPULAR MECHANICS: Greening your shop
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — WE SEE DC: Electric Motor Maintenance
AIR RIGHTS: A/C webinars give operators a warm-weather leg up
PARTS PICKS! INTRODUCING The FireCaddy™ FlameOut® Fire Suppression System

February 2011 ENABLING NEW MARKETS: Operators reap unique rewards catering to disabled
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — BORDER CROSSING: Does expanding into the U.S. make sense for you?
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — EXTREME PERFORMANCE: Maintenance and coach operations in cold winter months
BUILT TO SUIT: Four ways that picking your coach options can give you a leg up

January 2011 BIG MOVES IN BAD TIMES: Expanding during recession can yield great gains
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — GOOD FORTUNE: Canada Approved Destination Status lures middle class — slowly
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — PLAN ON IT: The merits of preventative maintenance
TAMPA-BOUND: Roadmap to UMA Expo
PARTS PICKS! Vortex Technology. Webb drum solutions at attractive prices!

December 2010 GIVING A LIFT: Remembering Carmont Blitz, innovator of the motorcoach wheelchair lift
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — OMCA HONORS: Guy Tessier earns Products & Services Member Award of Distinction
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — FLUID SITUATION: Getting a handle on DEF for 2010 engines
WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK: MCI® warranties go the distance
PARTS PICKS! Introducing MCI's new premium 32" heavy-duty wiper blade from Goodyear

November 2010 A TOWERING PRESENCE: Earl Mountain remembered
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — EIGHT MANITOBA MARVELS: Visitors find much to like in MCI's home province
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — STARTING POINT: Getting a jump on battery maintenance
PARTS TIMERS: Getting to know the MCI Call Center
PARTS PICKS! Find steel wheels on sale at MCI

October 2010 GROUP THINK: Six ways association membership can benefit you
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — IT'S SHOWTIME! Canadian trade events give operators a jump on future business
DEPRECIATION APPRECIATION: New Jobs Act to benefit operators
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — WARMING UP FOR WINTER: Getting it down cold with preventative maintenance
PARTS PICKS! Get Ready for winter with our Air Dryer Specials

September 2010 ADDING VALUE: Pre-owned Plus Program equals more coach-buying options
EYES ON THE ROAD: Dealing with driver distractions
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — HOLDING STEADY: Understanding Electronic Stability Control
PARTS PICKS! Convert your Coach to Single-Pane Glass and Save!

August 2010 GOOD HELP: Five tips for hiring a top technician
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — POLICY CHANGE: FMCSA makes insurance easier for US-bound operators
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW: How, why and when to do your next wheel alignment
SPECIALS DELIVERY: Public Sector takes options to a new level
PARTS PICKS! VALUE AND PERFORMANCE Remanufactured Allison transmissions

July 2010 KEEPING THE FLAME: Lifelong enthusiasts keep bus history alive
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — STACKING TAXES: New Harmonized Sales Tax takes aim at coach businesses
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — SEE AND BE SEEN: Shining a light on headlight-aiming
START YOUR ENGINES: MCI outlines 2010 engine changes
PARTS PICKS! INTRODUCING VORTEX TECHNOLOGY. And more Webb drum solutions, at attractive prices!

June 2010 IS SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOU? Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to be seen — or not
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — EXCHANGE-RATE BONUS: MCI reduces prices on many Canadian parts
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — COLD COMFORT: Understanding Freon® refrigerant and Freon Levels
PROVEN AND IMPROVING: MCI rolls out 2011 touring models
PARTS PICKS! INTRODUCING Electromagnetic 2 Speed Fan Clutch Conversion Kit Upgrade

May 2010 GREY MATTER: Driver age an advancing issue for many
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — MADE FOR CHINA: Canada gains Approved Destination Status
OPT-IN BEGINS: Coach-finder notification service offers new way of finding your next pre-owned
PARTS PICKS! Save on Air Spring products

April 2010 LOOKING AHEAD: Economy showing signs of acceleration
OH CANADA! GOLD-MEDAL SERVICE: MCI team offers aid to Olympics coach customers
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — ROLLING AHEAD: Keeping your wheels in good running order
LEAVING THE DRIVING TO THEM: Greyhound opts for MCI comfort, amenities
PARTS PICKS! Get ready for summer and save!

March 2010 PRODUCTIVITY CALL: Seven tips to make your spare time matter
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — ON NOTICE: Understanding bulletins to improve your fleet
GET A RAISE: Grant deadline looms for wheelchair lifts
PARTS PICKS! Remanufactured Electric Fan Clutch

February 2010 MCI in MOTION 2010: Follow the Leader
IDLE DOLLARS: Turning off your coach could save you $10,000 a year or more
OH CANADA! OLD FLAME: Olympic torch drops by for Winnipeg plant visit
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — KNOWLEDGE STORE: Five reasons to keep up with previously released Maintenance Matters
TAKING ON THE BIG JOBS: MCI product support technician dedicates himself to heavy repair
PARTS PICKS! Save 35% to 65% on Brake products from MCI

January 2010 GIDDYUP COACH! Bus Roadeos let drivers show their style
OH CANADA! GOT GAME? Driving for the Olympics
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — BRIGHT IDEA: Learning Smart Ballast Diagnostic LED Indicators
ON THE ROAD AGAIN: MCI launches "Ready to Roll" pre-owned coaches
PARTS PICKS! Clearance on MCI logo products while supplies last

December 2009 CAPITAL IDEA! Five reasons to attend the ABA Marketplace
OH CANADA! GAMES PREPAREDNESS: MCI joins with Western Bus Parts & Service for Olympics service coverage
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — BEARING UP: Don't get uptight about torque
TRAINING DAYS: MCI adjusts Tech Tune-up schedule, adds more on-line options
PARTS PICKS! Reduced prices on Glass, Window Sashes

November 2009 AGING GRACEFULLY: Ten tips for retaining your coach's resale value
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — HOT TIP! Tuning up your Proheat
WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Customer Solutions Teams provide more options
PARTS PICKS! JUST RELEASED! Introductory pricing on new hostess table kits

October 2009 NORTH AMERICAN IDLE: Coach owners see benefits of following idle laws
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — COLLECTING INTELLIGENCE: Leduc gets the drop on eco-friendly water system
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE DIAGNOSTICS: How not to get bitten by electrical diagnostics
ANSWERING THE CALL: Meet MCI's U.S. Parts Solutions Managers
PARTS PICKS! Discounts on Engine and Electrical Kits

September 2009 KEEPING THE BEAT: CPR, AEDs help safeguard passengers
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — MCC MEETS MCI: Board makes its first-ever visit to MCI
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — GO WITH THE FLOW: Keeping cool as your coach cools
LENDING PRIVILEGES: Credit picture bright for the prepared
PARTS PICKS! Discounts on selected MCI body doors

August 2009 PLAYING IT SAFE: Workplace safety for the shop and beyond
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — MEET DOUG DEPAPE: Western Canada's most familiar MCI face goes national
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — PASS THE JUICE: MCI charging systems review, lore and tips
EXCELLENCE REFINED: MCI rolls out 2010 models
PARTS PICKS! Discounts on SmarTire® Tire Pressure Monitoring System

July 2009 BRANDING: Beyond curb appeal
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — OH CANADA! Turning new corners in summer travel and beyond
FUND FINDER: Stimulus dollars may still be available
MCI DRIVES TOTAL COACH CARE WITH REFOCUSED AFTERMARKET TEAM: MCI is entering a new era in aftermarket services, announcing it has refocused its aftermarket division, establishing Customer Solutions Teams to further assure total customer satisfaction throughout the life cycle of its coaches.
PARTS PICKS! Discounts on HVAC Parts

June 2009 TEN EASY PIECES: Components of a successful business
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — GAME ON! Getting in on Winter Olympics coach procurement
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — OPEN UP! The Ins and Outs of Getting In and Out
REVVING UP FOR 2010: Attracting passengers to a cleaner future
PARTS PICKS! Discounts on Wheels

May 2009 BE NICE: The importance of caring customer service
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Unwavering support for waivers: MCC prods governments to act
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Getting a Handle: Unlocking D-Series door maintenance
A PUSH FOR PULLEYS: Get value, quality with Coach Guard® pulleys

April 2009 ONE PER CUSTOMER: Coach customization wins business
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Made to border: New U.S. passport rules loom
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Diagnostics: Getting to the logic of it all
TALES FROM THE ROAD: Lamers moves National Guard
GOOD NEWS: MCI emerges from Chapter 11 after only 7 months
STIMULUS BUS: Should you try to board?
REFLECT ON IT: New chrome hub covers help you shine

March 2009 WHY GO ECO? Five ways to keep your eye on the green
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Hybrids roll into Toronto: GO Transit puts MCI electric-diesel Commuter Coaches to work
TALES FROM THE ROAD: Georgetown Hoyas ride new customized MCI to postseason play
GET ON THE STIMULUS BUS: Latest stimulus bill offers 100% equipment financing for some
MAKING SAFETY CLICK: MCI offers free safety video; seatbelt version available
BRING HOME FREE TRAINING: Spaces still available for April Tech Tune-Up session, March Customer First events

February 2009 GETTING IN WITH OBAMA: ABA moves agenda forward with new administration
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Meet Joe Simard. Again. MCI gains a valued industry veteran
TALES FROM THE ROAD: Coach Tours to the rescue on Inauguration Day
O! THE EXCITEMENT: Obama family, Oprah ride Dillon's to inauguration
HITTING THE HIGH NOTES: Classic Bus takes band to march for Obama
MAKING TRACKS: Park-and-ride coaches keep innauguration crowds moving

January 2009 WRAPPING IT UP: Motorcoach Council wants everyone onboard
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — MCI posts sales gains in Canada
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Kneeling know how: a closer look at the ups and downs
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Perp Rally : Two MCI pros get going with the ISTV
CUSTOMER FIRST: MCI goes on the road with test drives, training and more
FIRST TURN: J4500 finishes first at Lowe's Motor Speedway
REAL RESULTS: James River puts simulator through the paces

December 2008 LINKING TO SUCCESS: Using the Web for effective communication
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Diversified Transportation opens Driver Training Centre
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Showing class: MCI boosts training schedule for 2009
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Winning ticket: Obama takes Premiere to White House
BUCKLE UP! Kobussen Bus takes first J4500s with seatbelts
MCI NOW AND AGAIN: Customers come back to MCI
TAX TACTIC: The best time to buy an MCI could be now

November 2008 IN FOR THE LONG HAUL: Operators share tips for successful long trips
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS: Moose Mountain takes delivery of milestone coach
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Nine on the line: MCI Technical Support
TALES FROM THE ROAD: Voigt's driver logs one million miles and counting
SAVINGS AS EASY AS 1 • 2 • 3: MCI's 75th Anniversary Pre-Owned Coach Sales Event
TEACHER FEATURE: Parts Store slideshow makes ordering easier
APTA ACTION: MCI makes more inroads in public transit

October 2008 FINDING OPPORTUNITY IN CONGESTION: Operators eye transit dollars
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS: OMCA readies for trade show opening
MAINTENANCE MATTERS: Verifying a throttle position sensor
TALES FROM THE ROAD: Who does ERSA call when it has an emergency?
MILESTONE 5000: MCI delivers important J4500 to Riteway
GIVE YOURSELF A BRAKE! Bonded, bolted, riveted - wedge, Q-plus and more
CONVERSION VERSION 2009: MCI J4500C shell gets more features, improvements

September 2008 PRICING YOUR SELF FOR PROFIT: Operators lend advice
FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS: Brewster sets sights high
MAINTENANCE MATTERS: Blowing the lid off air dryer maintenance
TALES FROM THE ROAD: ERSA helps give Scottish bagpipers second wind
BONUS DEPRECIATION IS BACK! Take advantage of bonus depreciation
NEW YEAR, NEW FEATURES TO LOVE: See what MCI's 2009 models can do for you
NEW MODEL YEAR BRINGS A NEW FYI: Let us know how this new format works for you!

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July / August 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Banff Transportation matches beautiful scenery, impressive coaches
FOREIGN EXCHANGE — Building your business by attracting more international business
MAKING A MARK — 75th Anniversary Edition J4500 ready to roll
DOGA STEPS IN — Windshield wiper, washer retrofit kits now available
DOING IT RIGHT — CoachExpressSM maintenance services
GIVE YOURSELF MORE CREDIT — MCI's summer pre-owned sale is here, with great deals, parts and service credits, even new tires on select vehicles!
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Getting a hold on LINNIG Clutches
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Rollin' Thunder helps Bisons fans tailgate in high style

June 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Century McMynn Leasing marks 20 years, makes every mile count
CRUISING LANE — Leading-edge operators go high-tech
DOING OUR PARTS — Faster, better parts shipping the MCI way
MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS — Customers make MCI service centers first choice time and again
HAPPINESS IS A NEW LX — Bliss Charters takes delivery of LX luxury coach
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Beyond the top-off: Coolant maintenance
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Flying high with the Goodyear Blimp bus

May 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Kingston operator proves it's the real McCoy.
REBATE DEBATE — Stimulating customer interest in spending on travel.
EARL MOUNTAIN — A visit with MCI's famous man in the hat.
DEALS CONTINUE TO ROLL — Financing outlook good for MCI customers.
FANTASTIC FILTERS — MCI offers top quality, selection, performance.
MISSION: TRANSMISSION — MCI technicians learn ZF A to Z.
ELECTRIC ATTRACTION — MCI hybrid poised to go far.
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Care and feeding of the Haldex air dryer.
TALES FROM THE ROAD — ERSA keeps Southern Coaches Cool on the way to the Kentucky Derby.

April 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBER —S ISL goes green: British Columbia operator adds clean-diesel J4500s to fleet
SEASON'S GREETINGS — Promote your business, and clean up for spring
COLD TRAILS AND HOT LEADS — MCI seeks Zoltok's first
COOL DEALS FOR HOT TIMES! — Last chance to use your April calendar coupon for pre-season AC savings
MCI SERVICE CENTERS — What does yours offer?
HATS OFF! — MCI-logo baseball cap is a winner every time
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Fast lessons on speedometers
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Mega ERSA: Mega Jackie uses big personality to help MCI help

March 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Point Men: Canadian Fleet Support Managers keep country fleets rolling
DRIVING OUT OF GRIDLOCK — Agencies increasingly considering BRT to ease pollution, hellish commutes
ONLINE, DOWN THE LINE — MCI makes Customer Care online warranty access easier
CORE VALUES — Remanufactured parts save money, natural resources
FIRST CONTACT — Meet your Service Advisor
SHOW AND SHELL — New J4500 shell converts customers, too
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Troubleshooting dual Bosch alternators

February 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Canada marks National Heritage Day; Opportunities for operators abound
ALL IN THE FAMILY — Planning for succession in the bus business
MCI'S ANNIVERSARY SALE — We're celebrating with super savings for you!
TWO THUMBS UP FOR 3D — MCI introduces J4500 online parts catalog
TRAIN LIKE AN MCI TECH! — MCI Tech Tune-ups to give operators hands-on lessons
GETTING ON BOARD WITH GOOD LOOKS — Styling proves more important than ever for transit fleet purchases
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Cleaning up: Keeping your DPF in A1 shape
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Spreading the Political Word: Defenders of Democracy

January 2008 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Ryjo Tours joins ranks of coach owners with new J4500
MAKING THE CONNECTION — Expand your support network, expand your potential
CHEERS TO NEW REP SQUADS — MCI realigns sales, support territories
ACCESSIBILITY GETS A LIFT — MCI rolls out new wheelchair-lift user guides
MAKING CONSISTENCY COUNT — MCI Service Centers set new standards
GO WITH THE FLOW — MCI Travel Mug makes a great gift or souvenir
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Generation Gap: Replacing your Voltage Regulator
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Nature's harsh weather is no match for the power of ERSA

December 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Canadian team spreads can-do spirit
WINTER WONDER COACH SALE — Ring in the new year with special savings on select pre-owned coaches
EXPANDING YOUR VISION — Moving beyond your comfort zone to build your business
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! — MCI to mark 75 years of coach building at UMA EXPO
SAVE TIME, MONEY — Stop here for complete brake assemblies
SMASHING GOOD SERVICE! — MCI Loudonville shop takes on collision damage and other big jobs
SHELLS AND WHISTLES — J4500 conversion shells entertain new customers
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Safeguarding your Amerex fire-suppression system
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Not Home for the Holidays

November 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS —; Go West-MCC Connections West, that is
DRIVING IMPROVEMENT — MCI rolls out 2008 models, features
OUR AIR FILTERS FOR VAN HOOL RULE! — Get better-than-OEM air filters for Van Hool coaches!
MANAGING RISK THROUGH MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS — CMAs provide customized care, control overhead
HOUSTON, WE HAVE A SOLUTION — MCI to build diesel-hybrid commuter coaches for Houston METRO, puts green transit into high gear
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Keeping your coolant
TALES FROM THE ROAD — ERSA helps even when operators aren't driving their MCI coaches

October 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Ministry in Motion rolls out red carpet for seniors
PREPARING FOR DISASTER — Emergency planning can help operators weather the storm
RAMPING UP — Deadline looms for wheelchair lift grant
MCI PARTS — Stock up on winter heating essentials before snow flies
STAYING AHEAD IN SERVICE — HQ ramps up training for MCI Service Center tech
MCI COACHES GO ON TOUR — LX, conversion coaches raise visibility for EPA, March of Dimes
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Becoming a good electrical troubleshooter, one volt at a time
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Mobile mechanics drive great service

September 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Winnipeg plant goes green
VIRTUAL GREEN SPACE — New web page shows industry in green light
DeCAMP GOES GREEN — America's oldest private operator gets MCI's first clean-diesel D4505s
DPF ABCs — Clearing the air on new particulate filters
SERVICE CENTERS CLEAN UP — When you bring your coach to MCI, you're supporting green practices!
54 DAYS, ONE GREEN MCI COACH — Read about this summer's hottest tour
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Making the switch to a better diesel
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Ten things you can do to help protect the environment on the road

August 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Canadian travel industry continues to show strength
WHAT PRICE LUXURY? — Operators make amenities, great service pay
COACH FINDER — Fast track vs. custom-order. What's right for you?
MCI ETC. — Parts you can trust - no matter whose name is on your coach
MCI APPROVED! — Authorized MCI service providers help MCI customers go further
NEXT STOP: FREE MONEY — Grant program underwrites operators that bring coach transit to rural markets
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Inspecting your shock absorbers
TALES FROM THE ROAD — Customers help customers the ERSA way

June/July 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Ayr Coach leaves schools behind, expands tour and charter business
BORDERLINE BRILLIANT — Eight tips for crossing the U.S./Canadian border with speed and style
SCHOOL COOL — James Madison University adds J4500 to colorful fleet
BRUSHLESS IS BETTER — Make the switch to Coach Guard brushless motors
IDLING TIME? — An MCI Service Center may be just around the corner
THIS DEAL REALLY SHINES — Save big on our rechargeable Ultra II Systematic Lantern searchlight/flasher. A great gift for any driver!
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Check your battery equalizer to keep your coach humming
TALES FROM THE ROAD — MCI's ERSA leads industry, keeps operators on track

May 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Great Canadian puts patriotism on display
DRIVING WITH CARE — Safety is everyone's business
A WHOLE NEW OUTLOOK — Skywalk has operator walking tall
TOUGH CASES WELCOME — Product Support Specialists show their skills
HEALTH MATTERS — MCI makes service centers safer places to work
FLEET SUPPORT, SUPER-SIZED — MCI transit pros get a handle on big fleets
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Hot tips for cool AC comfort

April 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — Drivers' legacy shines at International Stage Lines
ONE IN A MILLION — Driver logs major milestone in MCI coaches
MEET MCI FINANCIAL SERVICES — Your go-to guys for fleet financing
UPDATE YOUR H-SERIES PREVOST FOR LESS — Coach Guard® panel for Prevost coaches
TOP BILLING — MCI California Service Center finds new GM talent
MAIN SQUEEZE — Handle your stress with squishy MCI bus!
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — New National Training Center gives technicians hands-on help

March 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — GO Transit and Orange County NY to get commuter coaches with '07 EPA compliant engines
LASTING PRESENCE — MCI coaches defy their age and keep on rolling in the revenue for operators
GETTING FULL MILEAGE OUT OF '07 ENGINES — MCI posts impressive field-testing results
PLAY IT COOL FOR SUMMER — The AC parts you'll need for the season ahead
MCI GRAND TOUR II — Test drives, workshops, coach driving simulator, more brought to 21 cities
A RIDING STAR — MCI holds sway at bay in super smooth-riding J4500 conversion shell
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Tech Support volunteers take troubleshooting to a surprising arena

February 2007 FOR OUR CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS — 80 years of touring at Parkinson Coach Lines
DRIVING EMPLOYMENT — How to find and keep frontline staff
MAKING HEADLINES — Newest coaches attract media attention
COACH GUARD PARTS — We're there for you in the (fan) clutch
MCI SERVICE — New center a hit in Nashville area with ERSA and more
HIGH PROFILE — Onboard cams keep eye on public, private coaches
MAINTENANCE MATTERS — Hot tips for cold times

January 2007 REVVING UP WITH A CLEAN-MACHINE LINEUP FOR 2007 — Comprehensive business solutions for operators big and small.
ERSA OPERATORS SHOW THEIR SHINING ARMOR — Roadside emergency? MCI's 24-hour call center is on the job.
IT'S NO ACCIDENT — MCI Major Repair Center earns reputation for top-notch repairs and retrofits.
LX SERIES PUTS A VALUE ON LUXURY — Ultimate elegance now a standard feature; operators enjoy leather seating, more.
OPTIONS, FEATURES FLOURISH ON NEXT-GENERATION MCI MODELS — J4500 show coach showcases SmartWave, Surveillance System, Electronic Stability.
KEVIN JONES NAMED MCI TRAINING MANAGER — Schedule to include regional sessions, plus in-depth classes at new Louisville training center.
FAUX REAL! — Coach driving simulator makes training a virtual breeze.
WINNIPEG: HOME OF THE NEW-COACH SMELL — Plant tours draw MCI customers far and wide.
IT'S A DEAL! — Make the most of your resources with MCI Financial Services.

December 2006 For our Canadian Subscribers: Cherrey picking the best.
It's ho-ho-ho hot! A gift for FYI from MCI subscribers.
MCI celebrates most visible VP.
A deal for belt-tighteners everywhere.
Loudonville. All it's cracked up to be.
MCI® E4500 LX brings conversion-level luxury to the charter and tour market.
Maintenance Matters: Tech Call Center now takes late calls.

November 2006 For our Canadian Subscribers: MCI® J4500 new-engine production prototype debuts in Toronto.
Five simple rules for better customer service.
Milestone — MCI delivers 2,000th J4500 to Capitol Bus Lines.
Parts Picks: Coach Guard brand takes service to another level.
Love your lav.
Doing service bigger in Texas.
There's no escaping — MCI ISTVs put security first.
Maintenance Matters: Get prepared before the snow flies.

October 2006 For our Canadian Subscribers: Western Bus comes through for customers, kids.
Netting more web visibility.
Coaches gone wild! MCI customers ask for, receive special features.
Parts Picks: MCI builds value into Coach Guard brand
Brighten your outlook.
In good company — MCI applies to National Truck and Heavy Equipment Claims Council.
Got a gift for travel? MCI's new Signature Shop catalog now online.
Maintenance Matters: The 21st Century shop.

September 2006 For our Canadian Subscribers: MCI taps interns for 2007 model.
Refer a friend! Bank on FYI from MCI and win a gift.
Ride these trends all the way to the bank.
MCI Maintenance Council gives customers voice.
NEW! Parts Picks: Buy new for peace of mind.
Get heater parts at hot prices.
MCI service center proves less is more.
New Madden Cruiser hits the road.
Maintenance Matters: Blowing the lid off air dryer maintenance.
Refer a friend! Bank on FYI from MCI and win a gift.

August 2006 For our Canadian Subscribers: MCI, Motor Coach Canada team up to issue guide to new Canada Driver Hours of Service Regulations.
Riding with Dan McNichol.
MCI readies cleaner engines for 2007.
Buy big, save big on MCI filters.
MCI Service Center rolls out red carpet, buffet line for stranded customer.
Converting to Cummins.
Maintenance Matters: The wheel deal on tire mounting.
Refer a friend! Bank on FYI from MCI and win a gift.

July 2006 For our Canadian Subscribers: Dispatch Canada - Successful Grand Tour reminds customers about MCI services.
Finding a silver lining in fuel prices.
Wheels. Bigger isn't always better.
We're there for you in the clutch. Coach Guard® HT/S and Multi-Speed Fan Clutches.
Training for excellence.
Maintenance Matters: Clue into your engine codes.

June 2006 Toot your own horn.
New! Get drivers's guide to MCI® J4500.
Lighten up with a Mitsubishi starter.
MCI bets the house on Atlantic City opening, hundreds win.
Madden goes three for three with new E4500 Cruiser.
Maintenance Matters: Headlight alignment makes for a brighter future.

May 2006 Fly MCI! Get airline miles, Experiences.
Join the parade! The Interstate turns 50, celebrates with a convoy.
MCI customers cruise along.
MCI Service Centers Sort, Simplify, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain for Success.
MCI offers commuters new ways to save gas, gain quality time with Commuter Rapid Transit.
Maintenance Matters: Planning is key to preventative maintenance.

April 2006 Brakes of merit, and more--Meritor.
The perfect fix-up. Five tips on hiring good technicians.
Fast-Track coaches put you out front faster.
Save on Coach Guard® high-tech brushless motors.
MCI Atlantic City Service Center to open May 1.
Look sharp — get 10% off select MCI logo golf shirts.
Maintenance Matters: Cool rules—Follow MCI's tips for a trouble-free AC season.

March 2006 The MCI Grand Tour...
Hot spots for summer travel.
MCI Entertainer Coach gets "Star" treatment.
Stay cool with hot AC deals.
Meet your Fleet Support General Manager.
Cash coach rides again.
Maintenance Matters: Top 10 reasons to pay attention to those MCI Service Bulletins.

February 2006 Truck-Lite shines even brighter after 50 years.
Touchdown for MCI Experiences winner.
Sharpen your sales skills.
MCI moves ahead with 2007 emission plans.
Save on SmarTire®, the system that can save your tires.
Maintenance Matters: MCI Technician Training gives mechanics a hand.

January 2006 Congratulations to our MCI Experiences winner and special "Going further!" employees.
Full speed ahead! Boost business during any season with these operator tips.
Kennedy Space Center takes visitors to the moon via MCI.
2006 Coach Guard® catalog now available.
A Grand Ol' Opening for Nashville Area Service Center.
Log more savings.
Maintenance Matters: Know your lubes.

December 2005 Genuine Allison filters and more at MCI.
Don't drive good employees away!
Going further with out-of-this-world luxury, service.
More parts, more service. That's why we're the Parts Pros.
Great fixes.
Public Eye - MCI's Public Sector Fleet Support Managers.
Maintenance Matters: Keep your coach rolling when it’s cold.

November 2005 Operator in the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Fuel your drive to win! MCI Experiences is your chance to win big, get free fuel.
Here's a deal worth stopping for!
Maintenance Matters: On call — Meet MCI's Technical Call Center
Reaching new heights, MCI offers new conversion options.
J4500 lures tour operators at NTA trade show.

October 2005 Sales tips to tour operators.
GO Transit goes for MCI.
Hot savings on auxiliary heaters!
Maintenance Matters: Boost your auxiliary heater know-how.
Warm up to Signature Shop savings.
MCI goes the distance for transit, attends APTA show.

September 2005 Tourism Tips.
MCI rolls out Lucas EX225 air disc brakes on E, J, D coaches.
Air Dryer Deals.
Maintenance Matters: Braking for air dryer inspections.
MCI goes public at APTA convention.

August 2005 Time's running out.... The MCI Experiences event ends August 27.
Bringing in business.
MCI Outlook.
Going further. People make the difference.
Maintenance Matters: Trouble-free transmissions.
MCI aims for the stars.

July 2005 MCI pledges allegiance to patriotic decals.
Detailing the deal.
Retrofit your coach with the SmartTire®; tire pressure monitoring system.
Maintenance Matters: Where rubber meets the road.
Hold everything.

June 2005 An ear to the road: Listening to customers.
Playing it safe: MCI introduces important new standard features.
Introducing MCI's Weekly Summer Surprise.
Maintenance Matters: Keep your cool with timely AC tips.
Public Transit.

May 2005 Market share magic.
On the Fast Track: Get an in-stock MCI® coach today.
Service satisfaction guaranteed.
Maintenance Matters: Apply these brake maintenance tips.
E4500 conversion shells ready to hit the road.

April 2005 Pull in, fill up - Get more mileage out of your restaurant stops.
Experience love at first sight, first hand.
Going further in parts.
Maintenance Matters: Warming up to cooling system maintenance.
Model behavior: At the MCI Signature Shop.

March 2005 Keep in touch with customers.
In style with Tri-State.
Warmer weather is on its way, so make sure your coach stays cool.
Maintenance Matters: Fuel rules.
UMA EXPO Highlights.

February 2005 We hear you: Why listening matters for product improvement.
Luxury to the max.
New brake pins worth stopping for!
Maintenance Matters: Inspection point.
Love at first sight.

January 2005 Inside Travel.
Making a style statement: Retrofitting the D.
It better be fast or it's free.
Maintenance Matters: Seasonal Tip.
You're invited.

December 2004 A website that really clicks.
Don't miss the boat! Get on board for MCI's year-end cruise promotion!
Ho, ho, holiday gift giving made easy.
Maintenance Matters: Good maintenance always matters.
Ready for football and fun

November 2004 Going further to make "Customers for Life".
What drives Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue?
Fall for MCI fashion.
Maintenance Matters: Get ready for winter.

October 2004
Going Further! MCI introduces new ad campaign.
It's D-lovelier than ever - D4500 gets factory and retrofit exterior makeover.
Savings brake.
Maintenance Matters: Learn how MCI Fleet Support is going further for you!
Winning ways.

August 2004 Advertising fills seats, boosts revenue.
Bigger and better service locations.
Chill with these cool air system deals!
Maintenance Matters: Pre-trip inspection tips.

July 2004 How to avoid an identity crisis.
A warranty that goes the extra miles.
Super savings on filters.
Maintenance Matters: Do-it-yourself ECAS calibration.
Share FYI with your VIP friends and associates!

June 2004 Refinancing Completed.
MCI goes for the millions.
At your service.
Maintenance Matters: Keeping your lift in tip-top shape.
Cool deals!

May 2004 Leading the Way
You're invited. Blackwood, New Jersey Grand Reopening Celebration.
ERSA earns rave reviews.
Maintenance Matters: Have Lav, Will Travel
Thinking about adding a new MCI Coach with a CAT C-13 engine to your fleet?

April 2004 Happy Trailways members hail the J4500.
MCI commuter coach wins over Aspen critics.
Spruce up for summer.
Maintenance Matters: Beat the heat.

March 16, 2004 Road shows scheduled.
MCI's Big Four take top best-seller spots.
Keep Cool.
Maintenance Matters: Get charged up.

March 2, 2004 We are America's Coach.
MCI® J4500 proving its popularity.
Gift with purchase.
Maintenance Matters: Tire care.
Use our expanded clip-art collection.

February 3, 2004 Driving the beat at UMA EXPO.
D-lightful! D4500 hits MCI all-time best-seller list.
Everything for you and your fleet.
Maintenance Matters: Oil's well that ends well - know your filter.
The next best thing to new - MCI Certified Pre-Owned

January 20, 2004 MCI at UMA: Start your engines, mark your calendars.
E/J production hits 2,500!
Your source for power.
Winter brake sale.
Maintenance Matters: Give your interiors a clean sweep.
MCI delivers 17 coaches to Coach USA Northeast.

January 6, 2004 Save big on maintenance!
Keeping score: 2,500 E/J coaches and counting.
ERSA. The ultimate service benefit.
Maintenance Matters: Worth their salt - Winter anti-corrosion tips.
Start the new year right. Tell a friend about FYI from MCI.

December 16, 2003 366 days 'til your next holiday FYI - 366 days of appreciation!
MCI Model Mix 2004.
Windshield savings.
Maintenance Matters: Give your passengers a smooth ride.
Everything for you and your fleet.

December 2, 2003 MCI's manufacturing know-how.
Ho, Ho, Ho. Gift ideas for colleagues, co-workers and staff.
Blast off!
Competitive parts at competitive prices.
Maintenance Matters: Recalibrate your MCI® E4500 ECAS system with a copy of the latest parameters.

November 18, 2003 Thanksgiving as we know it.
Put a shiny new E, J or D model under your tree.
Fleet support offers mechanic training classes in 2004.
Maintenance Matters: Bus wash basics.
Life in the luxury lane.

November 4, 2003 Is your MCI a beauty?
Free clip-art of MCI models is now available.
Rolling with the best.
Maintenance Matters: Shine on - caring for aluminum wheels.
Meet your MCI Fleet Support manager.

October 21, 2003 MCI names new vp of sales.
MCI wins two Grand Awards at APTA.
Less than two weeks left for MCI's D4500 Never-Before-3-Year Warranty offer!
Shop the new and improved MCI parts store online and save.
Maintenance Matters: Maintain your coolant for engine longevity.
Don't get stuck out in the cold!

October 7, 2003 October 13th. Happy Thanksgiving!
Celebrating with style.
Save the date.
Check it out! Check out your air system components and get ready for winter.
Maintenance Matters: Hot tips for cold weather.
Drive away with a never- before deal!

September 23, 2003 More on Madden.
3-D Special.
Make an easy switch.
NEW! Maintenance Matters.
Certify your technicians.
Go Chicago! Join us at Fleet Support Des Plaines, Illinois for a Tailgate Party on September 30.

September 9, 2003 Are you ready for some Monday Night Football?
Grand Reopening at MCI Des Plaines Service Center September 30.
Fast, reliable repair.
Check out our pre-owned lease special.
Proving its popularity - MCI® E4500 voted best demo.

August 26, 2003 MCI clarifies recent announcement of workforce adjustments.
Get a lift at Los Alamitos! MCI offers wheelchair retrofits at California facility.
Reliable leveling.
MCI mall adds new merchandse.

August 12, 2003 Bus Bash is back!
You'll Jump for J.
School starts. Sign up for MCI certification training.
Searching for a service tip?

July 29, 2003 Barry Switzer aims for growth game plan with TheCoach.
Pick your power train.
Modernize your MC9.
Tell a friend!

July 15, 2003 MCI wants you to save money by helping us test our new parts store.
ADA issues?
Clean up with Celeste®.
Tell a friend!

July 1, 2003 Hurray for the red, white and blue.
MCI goes green.
Fleet Support clicks with revamped website.
One-stop Service Support.

June 10, 2003 Bus Bash a rousing success.
MCI takes to the track.
MCI Certified Pre-Owned coaches.
MCI Fleet Support offers Knorr® Disc Brake parts.
Need to retrofit your coach with a wheelchair lift to meet ADA requirements?
Motor Coach Industries forms MCI Fleet Support division.

May 20, 2003 Bus Bash to be a blast.
Caterpillar C-12 Engine and ZF Industries' ASTronic Transmission.
Check out our pre-owned lease special.
MCI Service Parts offers special discounts on Knorr® Disc Brake parts.
Spring A/C Special.
The reliability you need; the curb appeal you want. MCI® J4500 exceeds expectations.

May 6, 2003 Bus Bash to be a blast.
Simple rules for improved fuel economy.
MCI Certified Pre-Owned Coaches.
MCI Parts Store online undergoes upgrade.
MCI Technician Training.
New Coach Delivery Center opens in Winnipeg.

April 15, 2003 Bus Bash to be a blast.
Reinventing Winnipeg.
Certified Pre-Owned Coaches available.
FYI Subscriber special offer.
Attention MCI New Coach Operators.

April 01, 2003 Save these dates - BusBash 2003.
MCI manufactures four most popular coaches.
MCI's April Pre-Owned Coach special.
Specials on LED lighting products.
MCI puts Product Improvement and Service Bulletins on website.
Two waverunner winners announced.

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